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SELECTA specifically constructed as a tourism venue in 1928 is surrounded by mountains and hills, Selecta and the surrounding villages, including it awesome flower garden makes for a charming place with much that will appeal to visitors and a couple of days exploring this beautiful area is a worthy part of any visit to Java.

APPLE PLANTATION Malang is also famous by Apple City, so your trip will be unperfected with no trying some apple fruit that you can pick and enjoy directly from it tree by your own.

JAWA TIMUR PARK #1 - Here you can enjoy many facilities about education, miniature of  culture & heritages of Indonesia and much playing facilities wich you can choose here,  continue to entering THE BAGONG ADVENTURE that will bring you to take adventure to every single part inside of human body, and here you will be presented any mummies with an original human body that was donated by her own to contribute for educational purpose

JAWA TIMUR PARK #2 - JATIM PARK II, here were MUSEUM SATWA (Animal Museum) in which we'll feels like enter into a giant storefront  featuring a wide variety of fossils and dioramas of animals that have been preserved , directly continuing to SECRET ZOO there we can recognize a wide range of animals, including classified as endangered rare animals, that we'll not encountered on a regular zoo.

MUSEUM ANGKUT - The largest transportation Museum in Asia containing the development of a wide range of transport tools from all over the world ranging from the traditional to the modern, which is not powered up to the plant. Formulated with a blend of amazing collection and the background of the original cities transport tool so give birth to a masterpiece of the Museum became the pride of Indonesia.


Mt PENANJAKAN is located  on the rim of the Tengger caldera as most famouse place to enjoy the SUNRISE with its young volcanic including Mt Bromo and an active Mt Semeru in the background. Afterward the adventure continue to an active Mt. BROMO VOLCANO CRATER to climb up 245 step of stairs (Horse ride is optional used with additional charges). Than proceed to SAVANNAH grasslands, yet again we will be presented with a beautiful natural scenery and the different areas that we have passed, with dirt roads and sand with a view that amazing make savannah landscape in the area is quitely amazing.


ALUN-ALUN MALANG (Malang City Square) placed on Ground Zero of Malang, surrounded by much shopping center, church and mosque, equipped with playing facitilies for children and spot for relaxing.

ALUN-ALUN TUGU (Monument Square) was called as Joen Pieters Coen Park on colonials era past day, placed in front of historical building of Malang city hall, a park square with the monument on center surrounded by water lilies, greenfield & much beautiful flowers, the place is suitable for take a picture.

ALUN-ALUN BATU (Batu City Square) placed on west side of Malang, Batu Square became a suitable place for relaxing & playing for children or just to be hangout with family or all friends.

IDJEN BOULEVARD This is a quite beautiful street. It is lined with well-tended bougainvillea against a backdrop of old colonial structures. The street houses a number of interesting buildings including the Brawijaya Army Museum, the Catholic Church and the city library. Usually every Sunday, there is an event called "Car Free Day" when almost all of Ijen Boulevard is free of motorised vehicles. There is also a "Pasar Minggu", a traditional market which offers a wide range of items to buy, from traditional foods to clothing, even pets. It starts from 06:00 to around 10:00, depending on the number of events held. You should take in this area as part of a becak or walking tour of the historic downtown area


GUNUNG (Mt) KAWI Gunung Kawi is a blend of Javanese and Chinese Culture. Combining a building with chinese architecture and Javanese culture make this location felt be different. The story told, the belief  that praying and holding ritual here can bring luck for business, luck or family life has been popular in Java even Indonesia and abroad. It started in the early in 1900 while the Chinese visit Mt Kawi to get luck in bussiness. There are two tombs located in this site that are deemed as sacred. They are the drave of Mbah Imam Sujono and Mbah Djoego or Ki Zakaria II. Though tombs are of moslem deceased, Chinese that are mostly non moslem still regard them as sacred. furthermore were sacred place in Gunung Kawi are namely old banyan tree with 5 roots.

MASJID TIBAN (TIBAN MOSQUE) Mosque Tiban actually is the complex of Islamic Boarding “Biharu Bahri'asali Fadlaailir Rahmah” located in Turen, Malang regency, East Java. Called as 'Tiban' because it is said, the mosque was 'suddenly'. The architectural with 10 floors has a uniquely mixed style of the Middle East, Chinese, European, equipped with much of ornament like as aquarium, stalaktit felt like inside a Cave, with eco-friendly concept, in fact, there’s one part of the building that deliberately avoid palm trees. This was done so that the palm trees are not cut down. There is no architect who designed the mosque Tiban. the owner of the boarding school, KH Achmad Bahru Mafdloludin Sholeh directly gave an instructions to his students to build every single details of the building through istikharah prayer.

SO, Pick your Destination, get Special Price

Price start from
(min. 5 pax)
Per-pax in IDR
4 days 3 Nites
-    Bromo Sunrise
-    Jawa Timur Park #1
-    Jawa Timur Park #2
-    Selecta
-    Apple plantation
-    Museum Angkut
3 days 2 Nites
-   Bromo Sunrise
-   Jawa Timur Park #2
-   Museum Angkut
-   Apple Plantation
Optional Tour
(Fullday / Half day Program)
-    Bromo Sunrise Tour
-    Rafting Adventure
-   Selecta
-   Apple Pantation
-   Museum Angkut
-   Selecta
-   Jawa Timur Park #2
-   Apple Pantation
-    Gunung Kawi
-    Masjid Tiban
-    Malang Heritage (Alun-alun Malang, Alun-alun Tugu, Idjen Boulevard)

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